Buying a new family car?

17 May 2017

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Buying a new family car can be one of the most time consuming purchases many people will make. With so many important factors to consider; like safety, practicality and budget, it can be hard to decide what matters most. To help you get your head around it we've collected our five favourite family car articles from the Blog.

Six things to look for in your next family car

Shopping for a new family car? There are so many options available in brand new cars that it can get a bit much. We've scoured the options lists to bring you what we think are the six most important features to look for in your next family hauler.

Top ten biggest advances in car safety

Thankfully the bad old days of cars that were difficult to control with questionable safety features (if you were lucky) are well behind us. Thanks to these ten safety features, driving around is no longer as risky as it used to be. Don't forget to check your next car for these ten features.

Family road trip ideas - great bushwalks in your area

We love driving here at - but it's always good to get out and stretch the legs. If you've got older kids it can be hard to find ways to keep them occupied during the holidays, one of the best (and free) ways to get kids outdoors is with a family bushwalk, these are our favourites in each state.

Top five old-school car games to keep the kids happy

Whether you're taking the family on a digital detox, or you just want to reduce the screen time on a long drive these classic in-car games can really help the monotony of the highway fade away. From favourites like eye-spy to some lesser known activities, it's always good to get the eyes off the iPad.

Mum's taxi goes high tech - best built in tech for kids

These days it's all about tech and toys in brand new cars, but what are the most important technology features to look for to ensure your youngsters don't start driving you up the wall? From built in vacuums to a plethora of USB ports, this is what to look for in your next family car.


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