Caravan Loans

A Caravan or Motorhome loan is a secured loan using the caravan or motorhome as security, which can allow you to obtain a more competitive interest rate as opposed to an unsecured personal loan.

Top 5 benefits of a caravan loan

  1. Fast approvals
  2. Low rates and flexible terms
  3. Independent Advice
  4. Wide range of lenders and products
  5. Fixed repayments make budgeting easy

Caravan loans

Loan terms are flexible and can range from 12 months to 84 months, and in most cases a balloon payment at the end is not available, but may be on certain case by case scenarios.

The lending criteria in regards to caravan loans are similar to that of a car loan, but the lenders may be a little stricter on the strength of the applicant’s profile as they are deemed as a higher risk lend than that of a car due to being harder to sell if they were to repossess and possible losses incurred may be larger than that of a car.

There is a range of lenders that can assist with caravan loans, ensuring that the client can still achieve the best deal tailored to their own individual circumstances and profile. The lender will require a similar application as a car loan and most likely require to the same supporting documentation.

Dependent on lender, the purchase through licensed dealer or private seller to finance caravans is still an option and there may be age restrictions on the asset, which may be stretched depending on the asset and the applicant.

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