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What is a classic car loan?

Unlike a regular secured car loan, a classic car loan doesn’t have restrictions on vehicle age. Classic car financing is an easy and convenient way to finance your classic or vintage car purchase. Plus, it also gives you all the benefits of a secured car loan.

Without classic car loans, your other feasible option is to take out an unsecured loan which typically has higher interest rates and limited loan amounts.

Some lenders may have stricter requirements when applying for a classic car loan. While others may limit the type of classic car you’re allowed to buy. You’ll find a variety of lenders with specific requirements and loans on offer as well.

When you get a loan with CarLoans.com.au, finding the best car loans for old cars won’t be a problem. You don’t have to worry about wading through a sea of lenders to compare countless car financing. We’ll handle all of that for you and provide the best classic car loan available.

When is a car considered a classic?

Generally, a classic car is considered a vehicle that’s 20 years old or older. Depending on who you ask, there are also different classifications such as modern classic, vintage, and antique. Their main point of difference is the age of the vehicle.

Aside from age, a vehicle can be called a classic if it exemplifies the style, innovation, and craftsmanship of its time. Examples of iconic classic cars include the Ford Mustang, Dodge Charger, Volkswagen Beetles, and 70s American muscle cars to name a few.

A classic car showcases the best engineering and distinctive design of that era. It’s owning a piece of art and automobile history. This makes them incredibly valuable and sought-after by car enthusiasts and investors.

How to value a classic car

Classic car appraisal is a bit trickier compared to the typical car. If you want to get an accurate price of a vehicle, you need to go to a professional classic car appraiser or dealership. When determining the value of classic cars, you need to consider the following factors:

  • Condition
  • Rarity
  • Model
  • Market demand
  • Kilometres
  • Type of engine
  • Modifications

If a classic car has been modified or lost any original parts, it may impact the total value of the car. At the end of the day, the value of a classic car is highly dependent on how old and how rare it is.

When buying a classic car, always get a qualified mechanic to look it over. It’s much harder to spot defects in a classic car, especially to the untrained eye. A professional can find any hidden defects, faulty modifications or restorations, and the like.

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Loan options for classic cars

There are plenty of ways you can purchase a classic car, although some may be more advantageous than others. Here are some of your classic car financing options.

Classic car loans

Classic car financing is a type of loan tailored for those who want to purchase a classic car. It’s a secured car loan that allows buyers to borrow money for vehicles older than the typical seven-year limit. The amount you can borrow may also be higher compared to other loan options.

Personal loans

These loans can be used for virtually anything, including classic cars. Personal loans come in secured and unsecured options. The downside to personal loans is that they may limit the amount you can borrow. If you’re eyeing a particularly pricey classic car, a personal loan may not be the right choice.

Dealer finance

You can secure a car loan from the dealership itself. But be aware that car dealership loans can be much more expensive compared to other loan providers. You may be spending a lot more in the long run with this option.

Taking out a loan for your classic car purchase doesn’t have to be complicated. CarLoans.com.au offers a streamlined way to get the best loan for your classic car.

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