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Used car loans are ideal for borrowers looking to fund the purchase of a second-hand car. Whether you're buying your first car or upgrading to something a little bigger, can help you find a competitive rate that suits your needs. 

What is a used car loan? 

A used car loan is essentially the same as any other car loan, with the key difference that it is specifically to purchase a pre-owned car. The lender will provide the principle to purchase the vehicle under the agreement that you repay the loan amount (either weekly, fortnightly, or monthly) for a certain period of time. 

Depending on the the individual lender's requirements, a used car loan typically covers vehicles between 12 months and 7 years old, and can be used for buying used vehicles either from a dealership, privately or at an auction.

Benefits of used car loans 

  • Simple, fast online application 

  • Competitive interest rates from a wide range of lending partners

  • Borrow from $5,000

  • Low fees 

  • Flexible repayment options 

  • Buy from a dealership or privately 

  • Loan options for borrowers with bad credit history 

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Loans for anyone who needs a work vehicle including sales reps, tradies or anyone who is mainly using their vehicle for work purposes.


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How to apply for a used car loan 

Applying for a used car loan is a simple and easy process with the help of our expert brokers. 

1. Fill out our online application form or talk to our team over the phone 

To start the application process we'll just need a few key details about the loan itself including how much you want to borrow, the make/model of the car you're looking to buy, the loan term etc, as well as some personal details like your income. 

2. Let our brokers do the leg work

Once we have the right details and you're approved, we'll get to work finding you the best loan from a wide range of lenders and their approval criteria. Our brokers will take care of finding you a competitive used car finance interest rate, as well as the right type of loan to suit your needs. 

3. Compare, apply, settle

The next step will be to compare a few options before submitting a formal application which may require additional documents. We'll handle the application, settle on your behalf and then send over the agreement for you to sign. 

Features of a Used Car Loan

Different finance options come with different features such as:

  • The ability to make additional repayments - this can help you repay your loan balance earlier and save you in interest payments over time 

  • Adding a redraw facility which can provide you with flexibility to claim back additional repayments you have made 

  • Balloon payments - balloon payments can help reduce your monthly payments by deferring a portion of the original loan amount to the end of the term as a residual payment

  • Age restrictions for your preferred vehicle - it's important to double check any limits on how old the car can be, as most lenders will have an upper limit on the age of vehicle they are prepared to lend for 

What to look for when comparing used car loans

When it comes to used car loans, there's a few things you might want to keep in mind when comparing your options. 

Secured vs unsecured used car loans

A secured car loan simply means the vehicle is the security for the loan, and if you're unable to repay it, the lender will take possession of the vehicle to recoup any losses. While a secured used car loan may have more restrictions, they generally have more competitive rates. 

In comparison, with an unsecured used car loan the vehicle isn't used as the security. There also may be more flexibility in terms of the age of the vehicle you can get with an unsecured loan. However, the interest rates are generally higher. 

Fees and other charges

Other factors to consider are the fees of the loan. For example, some used car loans have certain fees associated with them including service fees or additional charges if you pay back the principal too early.

This is why it's important to take note of both the headline interest rate as well as the comparison rate, which takes these additional fees and potential costs into consideration. 

Ready to apply? 

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