Motorbike Loans

Motorbike loans are secured loans using the bike as security, often delivering a lower interest rate to you, compared with a normal unsecured personal loan. Bike loans are very similar to car loans in the way the loan is assessed, and in terms of the application and required documentation, but you may also be able to finance motorbike accessories  in addition to your bike.

Top 5 benefits of a motorbike loan

  1. Fast approvals
  2. Low rates and flexible terms
  3. Independent Advice
  4. Wide range of lenders and products
  5. Fixed repayments make budgeting easy
Motorbike loans

Items such as riding gear including protective clothing and helmets might also form part of the finance arrangement.

The application process and turnaround times can be just as fast as a car loan, and the same general information is required in order to be able to process your application.

Motorbike loans can be used for road-registered bikes and also unregistered bikes, such as agriculture bikes and ATVs. Scooters can also be financed using a bike loan. The minimum borrowed amount is generally less than for a car loan, due to the costs of bikes being generally less than cars.

There is a range of lenders providing specialized bike loans. We can help you find a great deal based on your individual circumstances. Bike loans also give you flexibility of terms from 12 months to 60 months, and they can be used for business or private use. You can also optionally finance the bike and loan protection insurances, subject to finance approval. We even have a dedicated website at with loads of guides for you to read.