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Business financing is confusing unless you are an expert. There are many different options with distinct tax and cash-flow implications. Then there is the minefield of different requirements for different financiers. Our loan specialists will let you know your options, help you apply, and negotiate on your behalf. There are enough hassles in business - let us take care of one of them!

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Why choose equipment finance?

Buying expensive equipment outright can have a big impact on your business cashflow.

If you finance your equipment instead, it leaves your capital available to fund business growth in other ways.



Frequently asked questions

In some cases you can. However, new or near-new equipment is considered a safer prospect by lenders because of its higher resale value.

You can finance most types of plant or equipment that will be used within business.

The lender will need to see your Financial Statements and may want to use a cash flow forecast projection of how the equipment is going to generate additional income for your business.

Our lending specialists can help you to navigate the process as fast as possible. Approval time on equipment finance can be longer than a car loan, due to the valuation of the asset being more difficult to calculate.

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