Tempted by a Tesla but can’t justify the price tag? Why not use your kids to help rationalise the expense? After all, nothing vindicates a $200,000 outlay like 894 litres of boot space. That’s, like, four Bugaboos.

This fully electric luxury sedan utilises some of the most advanced technology on the market. Sure, it boasts too many options for most busy mums to fully appreciate (especially when the dulcet tones of Peppa Pig are blaring from the backseat), but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of family-friendly features to sway potential buyers.

Storage space

Thanks to a small electric motor tucked within the chassis of the car, the Tesla P85D has a total of 894 litres of cargo space - 150 of which are in the front where a traditional engine is usually found. That’s more space than almost any SUV available.

No trips to the petrol station

Listen very carefully: you will never have to stop for petrol again. Ever. Thanks to Tesla, future generations won’t even know what a slurpee is. You won’t have to weigh up whether to lock your kids in the car while you run in and pay or get them all out (the least favourite option in the history of options).

Great range

In reality, families are more likely than other owners to achieve the P85D’s claimed 490km range per battery charge when not concerned with quick acceleration (apparently you can do 0-100km in 3.4 seconds, which if you’ve got kids, isn’t especially useful)


With a five-star ANACAP rating, Tesla is designed as a moveable bunker. Six airbags protect front and rear occupants and all power sources are automatically cut off in the event of an accident. There are also aluminium and steel rails along the side doors to reduce intrusion and reinforce roof strength upon collision.

The verdict

If you are considering investing in a Tesla for your next family car, you need to move past the notion that this kind of car is too nice for yoghurt stains and pop tops. Teslas are being used as public taxis in cities like Amsterdam and Stockholm so hey, what’s a bit of string cheese when these cars are hosting hundreds of people every week.