Baby on board? Teens terrorising your trip? Cars now come with a range of tricked-out features to subdue the young’uns.

Whether they’re hot, cold, thirsty, bored or just gunning for an argument (because it’s Tuesday), kids can often derail your ability to get safely from A to B. Lucky for you, high-tech options don’t just cater to drivers these days. In fact, some of our favourite car makers have been looking back to the second and third rows to make the journey more pleasant for everyone.

USB Ports (Ideally in the Back Row)

Think we're living in a wireless era? Think Bluetooth will see you through? Think again. A place to charge the all-important iPad and keep Elsa letting it go for those final minutes of your journey is an absolute gift. Most family SUV’s and people carriers come with several, but it’s worth checking that there will be enough for everyone and which ones connect to the stereo and which just supply power.

Apple Carplay and Android Auto

These systems whilst still in their infancy in Australia, can be found in top models from several brands like Hyundai and VW. Providing integration with features on your smartphone (think Music, YouTube, apps.) with your car’s dashboard or rear screens, allows anyone in the car to plug in their device to access their favourite content or take control of the music.

Rear Air and Climate Controlled Passenger Seats

We live in Australia, people! Kids whinge about the car being too cold in the mornings then too hot by lunch. Whereas seat warmers/coolers were traditionally restricted to the front of the car, automakers are now catering to the masses out back. Check out family-friendly models like the Toyota Kluger and Mitsubishi Pajero Sport for some sweet second row climate control, or the Kia Sorento for heated rear seats.

A Built-in Vacuum

Honda Odyssey these are outstanding! Since its debut in 2014, the HondaVac has proved the naysayers wrong with a five-metre hose and enough suction to sort out almost any mess.