The best family cars are usually the safest ones. There’s more to car safety than airbags and seatbelts, although those are still very important. The finest vehicles for families have excellent safety features and top-of-the-line driver-assist technologies. 

Stay safe on the roads by purchasing one of the safest cars in Australia. In this article, we’ve compiled the safest family cars with 5-star ANCAP ratings. 

Safest SUVs for families 

Sports utility vehicles or SUVs are characterised by their size, powerful engines, and spacious interiors. These features are what makes them a top choice for big families. Here are some of the safest SUVs available: 

Hyundai Palisade

Estimated price: Starts at $65,900 

Adult occupant protection score: 84% (32.21 out of 38) 

Child occupant protection score: 88% (43.24 out of 49) 

The Palisade is Hyundai’s largest and most spacious SUV ideal for big families. Its roomy interior and high-tech features provide an incredible riding experience for both driver and passenger. This SUV is here to impress with its innovative Bluelink connectivity and SmartSense safety technology. 

The Bluelink app lets users seamlessly control their Palisade through their mobile devices. It also has Automatic Collision Notification and an Emergency SOS Call Service automation that can be activated if ever you’re in a severe collision. The SmartSense system includes autonomous braking, blind spot avoidance, driver-assist, and lane support systems. From parking the car to driving on the highway, the Palisades can help your family stay safe on the road. 

Nissan Pathfinder 

Estimated price: Starts at $71,490 

Adult occupant protection score: 86% (32.87 out of 38) 

Child occupant protection score: 93% (45.80 out of 49) 

Travel your way without inconveniences with the Nissan Pathfinder. This car boasts “first-class comfort” with tri-zone climate control, built-in rear-door sunshades, and an EZ FLEX seating system that allows you to latch and glide the seats. The roomy interior provides plenty of space for the whole family and excellent storage capabilities.

The Pathfinder is equipped with curtain airbag coverage, automatic braking, and a range of Nissan Mobility safety features. The car’s sensors monitor the front, back, and sides so you’re always aware of your surroundings. Its safety features include intelligent emergency braking, intelligent rear automatic braking, rear cross-traffic alert, intelligent blind spot intervention, and intelligent lane intervention. 

Ford Everest 

Estimated price: Starts at $53,490 

Adult occupant protection score: 86% (32.99 out of 38) 

Child occupant protection score: 93% (45.66 out of 49) 

The Ford Everest is a premium SUV that provides top-notch safety, comfort, and capability. The spacious interior means it’s got room for everything. This car can also handle the ruggedness of different terrains. In some models, you’ll get a panoramic roof to heighten the overall outdoor experience. 

The Everest also delivers uncompromising safety with a network of smart driver assistance technology. It has a Blind Spot Information System, Pre-Collision Assist technology, autonomous emergency braking, and advanced speed assistance systems. In addition to the high-tech safety features, it also has an active park assist, an evasive steer assist, and nine airbags. 

Safest hatchbacks for families 

Hatchbacks are a great choice for smaller families. They’re compact, easy to drive, and typically have better fuel efficiency compared to other family cars. Check out the safest hatchbacks for families below: 

Hyundai Ioniq 5 

Estimated price: Starts at $65,000 

Adult occupant protection score: 88% (33.77 out of 38) 

Child occupant protection score: 87% (43.03 out of 49) 

The Hyundai Ioniq 5 is an award-winning electric car lauded for its innovative design. This hatchback combines premium comfort and safety. The interior is spacious and customisable with power sliding rear seats in the rear and relaxing-slim-seats in the front. The multi-charging system is there for ultimate convenience and quick charging. 

The Ioniq 5 is equipped with a range of safety features that help prevent collisions. It has seven airbags to reduce injuries in the event of an accident. The driver assistance systems include level 2 autonomous safety technology and a 360-degree surround view monitor. 

Polestar 2 

Estimated price: Starts at $63,900 

Adult occupant protection score: 92% (35.22 out of 38) 

Child occupant protection score: 87% (43.03 out of 49) 

Another electric car on the list is the Polestar 2. It’s one of the more distinctive cars out there with a unique exterior. Equipped with intuitive software, this vehicle promises a refined driving experience. The Smart Collision Avoidance systems and seamless connectivity between applications make driving safer and more convenient. 

The Advance Driver Assistance Systems enhance the safety of the Polestar 2. The sensors constantly scan the surroundings to warn drivers and intervene in cases of emergency. Its features include lane assist aids, run-off mitigation, post-impact control, driver alert control, and a speed limiter. 

Cupra Born 

Estimated price: Starts at $59,990 

Adult occupant protection score: 93% (35.47 out of 38) 

Child occupant protection score: 89% (43.81 out of 49) 

A mix of entertainment, comfort, and control is what you can expect from the Cupra Born. It’s a great family car for those long road trips. It comes complete with a 12-inch infotainment system, leather heated multifunction steering wheel, and SEAQUAL lumbar-support bucket seats. Travel in leisure with this electric car. 

The Cupra Born has dedicated safety features to ensure you and your family are protected. It has a rear traffic alert to warn you of anything approaching as you reverse. There are multiple pre-collision assistance features like the evasive steering assist and autonomous braking system. 

Safest sedans for families 

Sedans are a popular choice for families because of their affordability and high fuel economy. They make excellent family cars, especially for everyday commutes. Take a look at some of the safest sedans in Australia: 

Toyota Mirai 

Estimated price: Starts at $49,500 

Adult occupant protection score: 88% (33.81 out of 38) 

Child occupant protection score: 87% (42.81 out of 49) 

The Toyota Mirai provides modern luxuries and safety features to make your everyday drive more convenient. The infotainment system can adapt to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. You can access the apps with a simple voice command so you can operate the system hands-free while you’re driving. This is an ideal car for those looking for top-notch comfort at a great price. 

The Mirai is equipped with a Toyota Safety Sense which includes a data communication module. This activates stolen vehicle tracking, SOS emergency calls, and automatic collision notifications. The car is safety-focused with a pre-collision safety system and lane trace assist. 

BMW 3 Series 

Estimated price: Starts at $44,795 

Adult occupant protection score: 97% (37.1 out of 38) 

Child occupant protection score: 87% (43.0 out of 49) 

The BMW 3 series is known for its reliability which is great for families who need a dependable ride. It has everything you need from a family sedan. From its modern cockpit and centre console to comfortable seating, it makes the riding experience great for drivers and passengers alike. 

This sedan has all the standard safety features you can expect from a high-quality vehicle. It has dual front, side chest-protecting, side head-protecting, and knee airbags. The reversing assistant, autonomous emergency braking, and lane keep assistant with lane departure warning make the driving experience much safer. 

Mazda 3 

Estimated price: Starts at $27,160 

Adult occupant protection score: 98% (37.5 out of 38) 

Child occupant protection score: 89% (43.8 out of 49) 

The Mazda 3 is a sleek and sporty sedan that features an elegant interior and cutting-edge Skyactiv Technology. The soft-touch surfaces, leather upholstery, and heated seats give it that special touch. Experience premium comfort when you take the whole family out for a drive. The state-of-the-art safety features are there to ensure your family is protected on the road. 

Its suite of safety technology includes Smart Brake Support, Lane Departure Warning, Lane-keep Assist System, Blind Spot Monitoring, and Mazda Radar Cruise Control with Stop & Go that adjusts your speed automatically. 

Safest all-wheel drives/four-wheel drives for families 

If you’re looking for a family car with more power, these all-wheel drives (AWDs) and four-wheel drives (4WDs) are great places to start. Here are some of the safest AWD and 4WDs: 

Ford Ranger 

Estimated price: Starts at $35,930 

Adult occupant protection score: 84% (32.24 out of 38) 

Child occupant protection score: 93% (46.00 out of 49) 

The Ford Ranger has a wide range of makes and models that suit whatever your family needs. It’s got what most families look for in a car: safety, comfort, and convenience. It’s’s 2023 Car of the Year and’s Best Ute of the Year. Safe to say that this car boasts incredible quality. 

In terms of safety, the Ford Ranger does not hold back. It has nine airbags, Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control, Traffic Sign Recognition, Lane Centering, and Lane Keeping System with Road Edge Detection and Driver Alert System. It’s got an array of collision prevention technology to help drivers stay safe wherever they go. 

GWM Haval H6 

Estimated price: Starts at $32,790 

Adult occupant protection score: 90% (34.22 out of 38) 

Child occupant protection score: 88% (43.55 out of 49) 

The GWM Haval H6 has been meticulously designed for performance and safety. The sophisticated cabin design means more comfort for you and your family. The intelligent 4WD system lets you get the most out of the car when it comes to performance.  

The safety features are as outstanding as the rest of the vehicle. The comprehensive suite of safety systems is there to protect everyone inside the vehicle and those on the road. Some of the high-tech features include Auto Parking Assist, Autonomous Braking System, Traffic Sign Recognition, Traffic Jam Assist, Lane Keep Assist, and Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control. 

Lexus NX 

Estimated price: Starts at $61,900 

Adult occupant protection score: 91% (34.59 out of 38) 

Child occupant protection score: 89% (43.87 out of 49) 

The Lexus NX has intuitive features that offer riders a seamless driving experience. It has “human-centred” technologies that put the driver and passengers first. Its innovative features include car-finding technology so you can immediately locate your car in a busy car park, cabin climate control, and more. 

When it comes to safety, the Lexus NX doesn’t hold back. It has a Lexus Safety System with e-Latch technology and Safe Exist Assist. It’s designed to assist drivers in avoiding collisions when opening the doors. It’s equipped with various autonomous emergency braking and lane assist, as well. 

Tips for finding the ideal family car 

An ideal family vehicle needs to have passive crash protection and active crash avoidance features. Here are some things to consider when looking for a family car: 

  • Think about features that protect passengers from crashes. This includes seatbelts, airbags, and the overall design of the vehicle. See how well the crumple zones and collapsible steering columns score during testing. 
  • Look at safety features that help avoid collisions. Prevention is always better. The best way to keep safe on the road is to avoid accidents altogether. Check for systems such as autonomous emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, blind spot warning, and the like. 
  • Always check the ANCAP rating. The ANCAP rating can be a great guideline for how safe a certain vehicle is. Learning about the different scores can help you prioritise vehicles that best suit your needs. 

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