For many Australians, cars are more than just a way to get from a to b, it’s how they earn their living. Whether you’re a traveling salesperson, delivery driver, tradie or in-home service provider; more and more of us are at work when we’re on the road.

With recent technological advancements, it’s easier than ever before to do your business from the driver’s seat. But what features should you be looking out for in your next mobile office?


In today’s wireless era it’s possible to manage almost your entire business though the cloud on your mobile or tablet. Whether you’re taking bookings through the web, or sending invoices on the go, ensuring your technology always has the juice it needs to get the job done is critical. Be sure to check for USB ports, 12v sockets or even a wireless charging pad. Look for USB ports in centre console bins as well, these can be a great way to keep devices charging while out of sight if you’re worried about theft.


When you’re checking out your shortlisted vehicles at the dealership, be sure to focus some of your attention on the boot. Look for tie down points, bag hooks, underfloor storage and hidden compartments. These could really help you stay organised and keep your samples, important documents or stock safe from damage. It could be a good idea to check out the manufacturer options list for cargo nets, boot trays and expanding storage caddies if you need additional storage and protection.


The mobile office of 2018 just isn’t complete without a tablet so you can really feel like you’re in control when you’re on the go. Given the extra size and weight of your average tablet, it’s important to ensure you get the right kind of tablet mount for your vehicle and your needs. Will you be sharing the tablet with a co-worker? A cup holder mount with a flexible arm may suit. Need to be able to keep it safe while on the move? Go for a suction cup mount with a solid cradle that holds your tablet on all four sides so nothing comes loose on bumpy roads.


Each state and territory will have their own requirements in relation to what is acceptable as a hand free phone system. Laws may vary depending on your license, e.g. learner or probationary. In some states, the hands free system must be able to be operated without touching any part of the phone. In others, the phone may need to be affixed to the vehicle using a cradle. Ensure to check your local laws before purchasing any accessories for your vehicle.