If you've had credit difficulties in the past, you may still be able to access good car loan interest rates depending on what exactly is on your file and the steps you take prior to applying for a loan. Here are our top five ways to put your best foot forward with your financier.


This is probably the most obvious one; if you have any issues on your credit file that can be paid, do so as quickly as you can. If any of your bad credit listings are being disputed, you should address these as quick as possible and come to some resolution with that creditor. If you can’t come to a final resolution, get assistance from someone that may be able to mediate, like the industry ombudsman, or a solicitor.


Settled matters, like late bills you eventually paid and so on will drop off your credit file after a few years. If you know you had a bumpy time in the past, it could be worth checking your credit file to see if those records were about to drop off. If you can, it’s best to wait until they do before you apply for finance. This could give you access to more financiers and help you get a better interest rate.


There are an increasing number of businesses opening up that specialise in cleaning up credit files. These businesses use a verity of methods to achieve this and you’ll need to do some research about the various providers to find one that suits your needs best. But if they are able to help you clean up your credit file and obtain the finance you need, their service could be worth it.


A professional car finance broker could be able to advise you on what steps to take to ensure you get the best possible interest rates for your situation. A finance broker should have a lending panel and be able to evaluate your profile and determine which lenders suits you best without putting a hit on your credit file.


Each time you make a finance application, your creditor will have to view your credit file and record their enquiry on your credit file. Having lots of enquiries on your file can concern a financier, because it isn't always clear if you did or did not take out the loan or credit product that enquired on your file. It’s important to make sure you only let financiers make enquiries on your credit file when you are sure you want to take out that product. This is another area where a finance broker could really help, they may be able to evaluate your application against their panel of lenders without enquiring on your credit file, provided you’re fully honest about your past credit problems.