What are the top seven seater cars?

30 Jul 2020

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Whether you’ve got a few kids you’re ferrying around the soccer team, a seven-seater vehicle can be a handy addition to your garage.

It used to be the case that your best shot at getting a seven seater was an old people mover or minivan. Nowadays there are many makes and models offering seven seats. See below for the top seven seater makes and models.


The Ford Everest, as the name might imply, is an off-road capable SUV ready for the weekend warriors and ferrying the kids to soccer. It has dual-range 4x4 and the option of either a 5 cylinder turbo diesel or a 4 cylinder turbo diesel. The Everest has a few different models, starting at about $55,000 drive-away.


For a touch of class, the Volvo XC90 is a popular seven seater model. With the XC90 you get a 4 cylinder turbo petrol or turbo diesel. Depending on what model you get, you’ll be paying around $100,000 to $110,000 drive away. However, you get a lot of bang for buck, with the XC90 firmly in the ‘luxury’ segment. Despite some fancy Swedish design cues, the Volvo has the standard 2+3+2 seating format, with the third row mainly designed for children.


The Kluger has seemingly been a mainstay in the seven seater world for some years now, favoured by do-it-all soccer mums Australia-wide. In many respects the Kluger is the benchmark vehicle for hauling children. The Kluger’s standard configuration is a 6 cylinder petrol model, and is one of the cheaper models on the list, starting at less than $53,000 drive away, with the top model around $67,000.


The Korean mainstay is targeted directly at would-be Kluger buyers, with near similar pricing and a similar engine configuration. With the Santa Fe, you get a choice of either 6 cylinder petrol or a 4 cylinder turbo diesel. The petrol model starts at around $45,000 drive away, while the diesel is a few grand dearer. Like with virtually every other seven seater, the third row is mainly designed for children or the short-statured.


Mazda has been bridging the gap between luxury and budget-friendly for the past few years and the CX-9 does exactly that. While you get a splash of luxury, you won’t have to sell your first born to do so. The top ‘Azami’ model costs around $70,000 drive away, while the more base models cost around $50,000 drive away. Across all models you’ll get a 4 cylinder turbo petrol engine.


At home on the trails or the school drop off, the MU-X is Isuzu’s answer to the seven seater question. The go-to engine is a 4 cylinder, 3.0L turbo diesel, which is among the largest-capacity 4 cylinder vehicles we’ve seen. The MU-X is also one of the largest vehicles on this list, and you get a choice of either a 4x4 or rear wheel drive drivetrain. The 4x4 is a little dearer and can be driven off the lot for just under $55,000.


While Holden is no longer producing vehicles locally, the Acadia is a family favourite that can still be found new. The Acadia engine is also one of the largest in-class, with a 6 cylinder petrol on-board. The base model is also much cheaper than a lot of the competition, at less than $36,000 drive away. However, that model comes with two wheel drive only. The top-of-the-range model comes with AWD and maxes out at around $76,000 drive away.


The Outlander has long been a staple on Australian roads, and in 2020 it’s arguably the most budget-friendly on the list. With the base model starting at less than $30,000 drive away, this proves you don’t necessarily need to pay through the nose to get seven seats. However, that model comes with a 4 cylinder petrol engine and 2WD. To get 4WD you’ll be paying around $40,000 to $50,000 depending on model and trim level.


What was once reserved solely for the off-road enthusiast, the Pathfinder has softened its edges a little bit. In seven seat form, a 6 cylinder petrol engine comes as standard, with a variety of trim levels. The base model comes in at around $42,000 drive away, but again you’ll be subject to a 2WD system. Surprisingly though, the 4WD models start at around $44,000 drive away, though for higher trims you could expect to pay close to $70,000.


Volkswagen is another brand that bridges the gap between budget-friendly and luxury. The Tiguan comes with a choice of engines and drivetrains. The base model comes with a frugal 1.4L turbo petrol engine and a 2WD system for around $43,000 drive away. However, for 4WD you’re not paying much more, with the cheapest 4WD model driven off the lot for around $46,000. The 4WD models come with a much-peppier 2.0L turbo petrol, which has a lot more torque to get the kids moving to soccer practice faster.


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