Top ten safest family cars for kids

06 Jun 2017

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Almost all vehicles on the market these days come with the assurance of five-star ANCAP safety. This means it surpasses the technology and safety standards of today. Keeping your family as safe as possible is the on the top of every parents list, so here are the top 10 safest family cars for carting around the kids.

Honda Odyssey

When it comes to reliability and practicality, Honda is one of the most renowned carmakers out there. Their Odyssey is the best MPV on the market we think. It's filled with all of Honda's latest technologies, including plenty of safety features like eight airbags, stability and traction control, and a rear-view camera as standard. Best of all, it offers eight forward-facing seats so it's perfect for all the family. In recent tests, ANCAP gave the Honda a five-star rating and a score of 32.75 out of 37.

Toyota Kluger

The Kluger is one of the most popular vehicles in the large SUV segment, and there's no denying its excellent family-hauling abilities. Toyota has refined the latest model so it's more practical, larger, and more advanced with optional features like adaptive cruise control with auto braking technology. It still offers seating for seven, and it comes with a powerful 3.5-litre V6 petrol engine to kart around a family's worth of luggage or shopping. ANCAP has awarded the latest model the full five stars and given it a score of 35.57 out of 37.

Kia Sorento

Arguably the best value family SUV on the market, the Sorento is Kia's flagship model in Australia. And so it's no surprise it comes with lots of family-safe features such as eight airbags as standard, cargo tie-down hooks, a rear-view camera, and electronic stability and traction control. Although it is an SUV, it can be considered as more of a crossover which means it's not too high off the ground, allowing the kiddies to get in and out much easier. In recent tests ANCAP gave it a five-star safety rating, with a score of 33.21 out of 37.

Volvo V60

Of course a Volvo had to be somewhere in this mix. The V60 is currently the largest wagon Volvo offers in Australia, based on the S60 sedan. Depending on what model grade you go for, the V60 can be one of the truly safest vehicles currently on the market. You can option for technologies like road sign recognition capable of recalling speed limits and other information, as well as automatic forward collision prevention braking, a first-aid kit, and even a system which can help avoid the chance of collisions with pedestrians. As you can probably guess, even the standard base model has been prepared to pass ANCAP five-star safety. In recent tests it was given a score of 36.34 out of 37.


Currently on track to be the best-selling vehicle in Australia this year, the Mazda3 is popular for a reason. It's very practical with plenty of room in the front and back, and a decent-sized cargo area. More importantly, it comes with plenty of safety and innovative features that help make it more user-friendly and child-friendly. There's ISOFIX anchorage points in the back, and a full suite of safety systems as standard across the board earning it a five-star ANCAP rating. It scored a benchmarking 36.4 out of 37 in recent tests, which is the highest score of any vehicle in the class, including outshining the equally popular Toyota Corolla.

Holden Commodore

Holden recently announced updates for the VF Commodore which included the introduction of ISOFIX child seat anchorage points. This is the first Commodore to be offered with the highly regarded restraint system which has been available in Europe for years. Australian legislation prohibited the use of ISOFIX up until 2013, when laws changed. Aside from this, the Commodore is one of the safest large cars you can get in this price range and vehicle segment. ANCAP has awarded it five stars and given a score of 35.06 out of 37.

BMW 3 Series

According to ANCAP, the BMW 3 Series is not only the safest premium sedan in the class, it's also the second safest vehicle available in Australia. In crash tests it received an incredible score of 36.76 out of 37, which means it's near perfect for today's standards and technology level. It comes with various luxury appointments and creature comforts, obviously being a BMW, but it's also very user-friendly, roomy, and comes with systems such as lane change warning, forward collision warning, and front- and rear-view cameras as standard.

Mercedes-Benz B-Class

Welcome to the safest vehicle currently on the market that ANCAP has tested. It's the B-Class, which is the German company's small five-seat MPV. In recent crash tests it not only earned itself a five-star rating, it scored an industry-leading 36.78 out of 37, just overshadowing the BMW 3 Series (36.76), and Volvo V40 (36.67). It's not really about safety features and equipment, rather, the B-Class is simply engineered to be as safe as possible in terms of body strength and the use of energy-absorbing sections. It does come with nine airbags though and a rear-view camera, and driver attention detection technology.

Toyota Aurion

Australia's third-favourite large sedan, the Toyota Aurion is the Japanese company's largest sedan offering. It's huge inside, with plenty of room for all the family. And there's a massive boot. Toyota has filled the Aurion with some very intelligent technology too and equipped it with advanced stability and traction control that makes it almost impossible to lose control. Standard features include a rear-view camera, a 'personal safety' alarm which can be used to attract attention in troubled times, and seven airbags at minimum. During crash tests ANCAP was impressed with the results and gave it a highly rewardable score of 36.59, and five stars of course.

Kia Rondo

It's one of the highest rated seven-seat non-SUV cars on the market. You might not have heard of it. It's called the Kia Rondo and the latest model was introduced in Australia in 2013. It's available in a number of trim levels with prices ranging from around $30,000, going up to around $40,000. All models are surprisingly well equipped, with things like the essential rear-view camera to keep an eye on kids that like to wonder astray, as well as six airbags, and cruise control with automatic brake control. In recent crash tests the Rondo impressed engineers with a score of 36.2 out of 37, easily earning it the five-star seal of approval.


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